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Manley 2010

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Manley, Iain. Tales of old Singapore: the glorious past of Asia’s greatest emporium. Hong Kong: Earnshaw Books, 2010.

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Abstract by Li Ziyue (2014-08-06)

Manley 2010 collects images and texts published in books (diaries etc.), pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, postcards dated between 1819 and 1965, with a rich bibliography (pp. ___-___).

Comment by Li Ziyue (2014-08-06)

ON: Relevance for Singapore’s maritime heritage

Though this book does not centre its focus on the relation between Singapore and the sea, the author declares the intent to emphasize the trait of old Singapore being the emporium, by revealing the lifestyle of different ethnic groups, their economy and political vicissitudes, featuring Singapore’s colonial times. Nevertheless, in doing so, the book illustrates how the sea trade was the essential cause that propelled Singapore towards an international trading hub.

This book is relevant in providing evidence to understand the historical rationale behind Raffles’ coming, how Singapore became a free port, how the sea modified people’s lifestyles, how piracy prospered and lapsed, and how people from all parts of the world came together here.